Video: Why Choose Montgomery Catholic?

Why Choose Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School?

  • Thank you for your interest in Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School.  As the oldest, continuous, K-12 non-public school in the state of Alabama, we strive to provide top-quality academic programs with a firm grounding in religious and moral principles that tomorrow’s leaders need.

    We welcome students and families of all faiths and creeds.  We believe strongly that our students’ education is enhanced by including the lively participation from other spiritual backgrounds.

    We are a K3-12 college preparatory school whose mission calls us to an inclusive admission process.  We recognize that God has given each student gifts and that it is our responsibility to nurture them.  We are proud to serve students of all academic skill levels and help them reach their potential.  In partnership with parents, we strive to develop the students’ unique talents so that they may graduate ready for a college education.We are proud of the success of our top students, who by the time they are upperclassmen, may take Advanced Placement (AP) classes, earn National Merit recognition, and attend some of the best colleges in the country on academic scholarship.  We are equally proud of students who may not possess as much innate talent, but who through the partnership between their parents and teachers, work hard, graduate, and become productive citizens.  At Montgomery Catholic, the adult community is committed to the success of each student and the education of the whole person.

Our Admission Policy