Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)





    Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School is committed to student use of technology as a tool to expand learning opportunities and conduct scholarly research. The use of technology facilitates global collaboration--a vital skill for our 21st Century learners. Students at MCPS utilize laptop computers on a wireless network. Laptops and campus computers are strictly for educational use consistent with the educational goals of MCPS. Along with the opportunity this provides comes responsibility. This Acceptable Use Policy is designed to give students and their families’ clear and concise guidelines regarding the appropriate use of laptops as well as other computers on the MCPS campus. The underlying premise of this policy is that all members of the Montgomery Catholic community must uphold the values of honesty and integrity. The proper use of technology reflects the strength of one’s character, as does one’s behavior. We expect our students to exercise good judgment and to utilize technology with integrity.

    *This policy works in conjunction with our K4-12 Internet and Technology Acceptable Use Policy in the MCPS handbook.


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