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Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School Facilities Update

  • Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School

    Guidelines for Hosting Volleyball Games

    • Tickets will be limited to parents and siblings of players (please keep all family units together). If children attend, please do not let them move/play in the building unattended.
    • Patrons are encouraged to bring portable chairs to the matches in the event that bleacher seating is full or unavailable due to two courts operating simultaneously.
    • Patrons should leave the gym upon completion of the match they are viewing, they will be allowed to return for the next match involving their athlete. Fans will not congregate in common areas before or after the game.
    • Signage will be posted inside and outside Gym area and Concession Stand.
    • Gym Capacity limits of 35% will be strictly enforced (Approx 300)
    • Family units must sit together in groups.
    • A minimum of six feet must be vacant between non-family units.
    • Masks are required on campus and while attending games. Fans will not be admitted without wearing mask.
    • Hand Sanitizing Stations set up at entrance gate as well as around concessions
    • Gate workers will be required to wear mask and gloves.
    • Concessions workers will wear mask and gloves.
    • Scorer Table will be limited to essential personnel only. Per AHSAA Guidelines, Visiting Team BookKeeper will not be allowed at official scorer’s table.
    • Administrators will be near the gate/lobby area as well as in gym area monitoring guideline compliance. Visiting teams are also asked to assist in monitoring their fans.
    • The Montgomery Catholic ATC will be present at all games to assist visiting team if visiting team does not have trainer.

    Bench Areas and Dressing Rooms

    • The Players Bench will be extended on both sides for more social-distancing space for teams.
    • Players’ chairs will be distanced.
    • Players on the bench are required to have their mask on at all times.
    • Do not share uniforms, towels, water bottles, or any other apparel or equipment.
    • Maintain social-distancing within the team box.
    • Only essential personnel will be allowed on player benches. No parents or former students/players will be allowed on team benches.
    • No visiting before/after game or half-time between visiting schools.
    • No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps etc. before or after the game.
    • Dressing rooms will not be available. Please make plans to arrive prepared.

    Concession Stand

    • Concession workers will wear mask and gloves at all times while working.
    • Social-distancing should be maintained while waiting in line.