•  FULL STEAM AHEAD!  Phase Four 

    With enrollments now booming from the success of our middle school, the new band program, and our new K-6, 7-8, 9-12 structure (MCPS enrollments have risen 16% over the last two years!), our FULL STEAM AHEAD campaign aims at the following:

    • A new student activity center/cafeteria, to be named after Dolly Barranco, our cafeteria manager of 25 years.
    • The renovation of the existing cafeteria into four classrooms
    • The enlargement of our school chapel to accommodate our additional students.
    • The enlargement of the gym locker-rooms to support our athletic programs
    • The refurbishment of the main building of our elementary campus at St. Bede.
    • The creation of a "Teacher Excellence Fund", which will allow us to supplement salaries of our best teachers.

    This is the site of our original school house in 1873, the Gerald Mansion, sitting on the site where the Montgomery County Courthouse exists today. For over 130 years now, we have grown and built to accommodate the needs of our students and families. Our "Full Steam Ahead" campaign is but the latest!

    We seek a minimum of three million dollars to accomplish these goals. As of September, 2007 we have raised 2.8 million dollars.  To help us complete our goal, we invite you to  pledge to this campaign!

    There are several options. You can make a traditional 3 year pledge, paying monthly, quarterly or annually. Stock transfers are possible, with capital gains advantages. The easiest way is to set up an automatic debit of either your checking or credit card account (ideal for those wishing to earn Sky Miles, etc.). Or, you can be innovative and make a "planned gift" by going
    here.  All gifts are tax-deductible and fully acknowledge for these purposes by the school. If you would like to talk further about a gift to the campaign, you may contact our president, Anne Ceasar, at 334-272-7220 or Anna Lee Ingalls, our development director, at 334-272-7221 ext. 15.