Charlie Harbin '46

Harbin Award Recipients

  • 1997 - Leonard J. Mrotek
    1998 - Margaret Olive Jones
    1999 - Edward P. Clark 
    2000 - Marty & Bebe Taylor
    2001-  Dottie A. Dean. 
    2002 - "Goose" DeLongchamp
    2003 - Rod & Anne Ceasar
    2004 - Bill & Marian Saliski
    2005 - Jeff Downes
    2006 - David & Jeanne Barranco
    2007 - Nora Cammack
    2008 - Dennis & Karen Weber 
    2009 - Chip & Lisa Vercelli
    2010 - Bill & Debbie Barranco
    2011 - Barr & Cappy Younker
    2012 - Liz Sutton & Jerry Lopez 
    2013 - Jack Galassini 
    2014 - Gaylon & Mary McAlpine
    2015 - Marty Rupert Huett
    2016 - Kevin Ryan
    2017 - Ann Karst
    2018 - Jack Lauer
    2019 - Pat & Casie McGinn
    2020 - Linda Belsterling Anderson
    2021 - Tammy Hayes

Charlie Harbin Distinguished Service Award

  • The Charlie Harbin Distinguished Service Award was established by the Harbin family in 1997 and is presented annually in May. Its purpose is to recognize those selfless individuals who have significantly served Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School and exemplified its values in their lives. The award honors the memory of Charles T. Harbin, Jr., a 1946 alumnus of St. Mary of Loretto and a great supporter of Montgomery Catholic.

    Click on the links below to download the award guidelines and a nomination form to submit a nomination for this distinguished award. 

    The deadline for nominations is April 1.

    The award will be bestowed in May.


About Charlie

  • Charlie Harbin was appropriately dubbed Loretto's #1 alumnus by our beloved Father Pat Delahunty back in the late forties.  No one would argue that Charlie was #1.  With the enthusiasm of Charlie Harbin, football got its start at Loretto, our original school.  He was Fr. Pat's right hand man, out seeking financial and physical support for the task of organizing a sports program at the quiet little convent school on Lawrence Street; a program they had no idea would be so successful and mean so much to the school and its supporters--even today. 
    If you have ever participated in football or any organized sport at Montgomery Catholic, or even if you be one of the many who enjoyed the thrill as a spectator over the years, you owe a great deal of gratitude to Charlie Harbin.  Without his energy and loyalty, it might never have happened.  In addition to playing on our first football team, he was the first team manager and shouldered such responsibilities as publicity, game scheduling, recruiting players, and much more.
    Charlie graduated from Loretto in 1946.  He continued to support everything at Loretto and Catholic, helping with fundraisers, the Booster Club, publicity, and was eventually instrumental in the construction of our Fr. Pat Delahunty Gymnasium.
    Charlie passed away in 1994.  He and his wife, Jean, had six children who are still avid supporters of Montgomery Catholic.
    For questions, call Vicki Dickson at (334) 272-7221, ext. 302 or