Homecoming Volunteers

  • Call for VolunteersHomecoming Alumni Under the Tent on October 25
    Each year at Montgomery Catholic we invite all of our Alumni home for Homecoming weekend. This includes an invitation to join us under the tent for dinner on Friday Night at the Varsity football game. We can't host our Alumni without the help of our wonderful Catholic family.
    Please consider volunteering to help host our Alumni under the Tent event.
    Friday, October 25, 2018
    5:30 PM until half-time
    If you have any questions concerning these opportunities please contact Vicki Dickson, Director of Development @ vdickson@montgomerycatholic.org or 272-7220 ext 302.
    Thank you & GO KNIGHTS!

Concession Stand Volunteers

  • Earn Easy Volunteer Hours at the Concession Stand!

    The 2019 Football/Band/Cheer season is upon us and your student is part of a team representing Montgomery Catholic.  Whether it is Football, Band, or Cheer, they are to be congratulated for making the cut. There are a total of 11 HOME games scheduled and we need parent volunteers to help make our events a success. We have a region-wide reputation for having the BEST Concession Stand in the Montgomery area!


    • Montgomery Catholic has the BEST concession stand in Montgomery
    • Working at the concession stand a great way to get to know other families at Montgomery Catholic
    • You can work at any event, not just ones in which your child is participating
    • You earn volunteer hours by working at the concession stand

    It's true, and it's an easy and fun way to rack up your 40 required service hours! Fellowship with other families and lend a helping hand. Sign ups are online! Click here to volunteer at the concession stand today! 

    Sign Up!

Child Protection Training

  • All of our volunteers must complete the Archdiocese Child Protection course. Once you have completed the initial course you may renew online annually. 

    Please note changes made to the Child Protection process for both NEW and RETURNING volunteers:

    The Safe Environments Program (Child Protection training) is required of all employees, all volunteers who have substantial contact with minors, and all clergy. The objective of the program is to provide specific training in the prevention, recognition and reporting of child abuse, as well as specific training in providing for safe environments for minors enrolled in Archdiocesan sponsored activities.

    The 2019 Monthly Training Schedule may be found here

    In order to complete the initial training, you must:

    • Log onto CMGConnect to create an online account. (Instructions for creating an account may be found here.)
    • Complete the online Initial Live Safe Environment Training & Background Check Curriculum
    • Attend an Initial Training Class (Pre-Registration is MANDATORY for attendance.)

               Click here to get started

    • If you have any questions, please call Leanne Oberkirch 251-434-1559.

    Child Protection Training Renewal
    Child Protection training is valid for one year and must be renewed between August 1 and November 1. You can renew your training online- Click here to get started

    Note: A Volunteer Driver form and the defensive driving module in your CMGConnect account must also be completed before driving any Montgomery Catholic students. More information is below.

  • We have a new system for Child Protection Retraining. It requires that you have an CMGConnect on-line account. Since you have previously trained, an account has already been set up for you. This is how you access that account.
    • If you have visited the CMGConnect site before, use your existing user name and password.
    • If you know it has been more than two years since your last training/retraining, you must create a new account and attend an initial training class.

     If this is your first time accessing your CMGConnect account, you can access it by entering the following information:

    • When asked for your username, type in your FirstName.LastName.AOM
    • When asked for your password, type in 1234.
    • If the system does not recognize you, try the following fixes:
      • You may have the same name as someone else in the system – when asked for your user name, type FirstName.MiddleInitial.LastName.AOM
      • You may have entered your nickname – when asked for your user name, type your legal FirstName.LastName.AOM
    • If you have not visited your CMGConnect account before, you will be prompted to update your password. Once you have entered and saved your new password, the system will log you out and require you to sign in again using your user name and new
    • Start the 2019 RENEWAL Training for Clergy/Employees or Volunteers depending on your role.
    • Click here to begin your retraining: https://mobile.cmgconnect.org/users/sign_in
    If you have any trouble logging into your account, please contact the Office for the Protection of Minors and Adults at 251-434-1559.

  • Volunteer Driver Information
    A Volunteer Driver form must be completed before driving any Montgomery Catholic students. You must also have a CMGConnect account in order to complete the required trainings to be a volunteer driver. Please see the instructions above to log into your CMGConnect account.

    Each driver is required to log in to CMG Connect, watch a 12-minute safety video and complete a check approval form. This process will have to be repeated for each driver, every five years.
    Volunteer Drivers are required to maintain liability insurance on that vehicle. The recommended minimum limit of coverage for this insurance is $100,000/$300,000
    A Volunteer Driver form must be completed before driving for any Montgomery Catholic event. You also will need to submit a copy of your valid Driver's License and the insurance declarations page from your proof of insurance.

    All volunteer drivers must complete the Defensive Driving Curriculum available on the CMGConnect website:

    • Locate and Start Trainings
    • Log into your CMGConnect account: https://mobile.cmgconnect.org/users/sign_in
    • Select the "Defensive Driving Curriculum" module from your dashboard.
    • Click "Start Curriculum" to begin.
      • Note: Available curriculums will vary based on the participation category you selected when registering. To update, click 'Edit Profile' and select applicable categories.

    Complete Training
    Watch the training video. acknowledge diocesan policies, fill out the driver questionnaire, and submit your check via the curriculum.
    Each training page will be marked 'Done' as you progress.

    Access Certificate
    After your completed module has been reviewed and approved, you will be able to log back into the system to access your completion certificate. Locate your completed curriculum and select the gray 'Download Certificate' button.

  • As a Catholic school, we encourage all parents and guardians to become part of our MCPS community through a spirit of volunteerism. There are a plethora of opportunities throughout the year for families to actively participate in the school’s mission and life.

    All families are expected to give 40 service hours to the school. You are to log this time on PowerSchool by logging into your PowerSchool parent portal account.  The navigation menu is on the left side of the screen in PowerSchool.  The Parent Volunteer Form link is at the bottom of the navigation menu.  Click on the link and enter the name of the volunteer, the date of the event, the type of event (concession stand, field trip chaperone, etc), and finally enter the number of hours or if less than an hour, the number of minutes volunteered.

    We, as a school, have prospered over the years because of the many hours of volunteer service our families have committed toward our growth. With your family's support, Montgomery Catholic will continue to grow and flourish. 

    We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you for your service!