Business Office

  • Business Office

    The MCPS Business Office is located in the front of the main building at our Middle/High School Campus at 5350 Vaughn Road. Our Business Office handles the accounting for all campuses, including tuition payments.


    If you have questions, please contact:

    Christie Binns, Administrative Assistant and Accounts Payable, phone (334) 272-7221 ext 14.

    Jennifer Van Alst, Accounts Receivable, phone 334-272-7221 ext 35.

    Dave Schwarz, Business Manager, phone (334) 272-7221, ext. 34.

    Business Office Update

    Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School once again maintained a focus on classroom and teacher technology, facility improvements, and debt reduction throughout fiscal year 2015-16.   Clearly a key highlight this year was the final payoff of our building debt…..MCPS is now debt free!  This major accomplishment has taken several years to be completed and fortunately, it now puts us in a great position to begin our capital campaign in 2016-17.  Our technology and facility initiatives will remain a focus in the coming year as our goal is to equip our classrooms with the latest and best technology and to continually maintain and improve our facilities. Also, very importantly, we want to continue to enhance teacher compensation.  We were able to include an overall 3% salary increase in the 2015-16 budgets.  Additionally, $50,000 in proceeds from our prior year Annual Fund campaign were committed to funding teacher enhancement and a $25,000 incentive pool was established in 2015-16 to assist in funding teacher certification.


    Technology Investments:  We continued our One to One Laptop Initiative in 2015-16, as we equipped nearly 100 incoming  freshmen  with MacBooks.  With the addition of this class, we now have all of our high school students included in the Initiative. This total Initiative investment of approximately $500,000(including insurance, security and accessories) has been very well received by both students and faculty.


    Facility Improvements:  We were able to complete several significant facility projects in 2015-16, totaling over $150,000. The projects included the construction of a beautiful new playground at the St Bede campus, funded primarily by a generous gift from the St Bede Parish and a donation from PICE. Additionally, new carpet was installed in the Belke Building.  This $54,000 project was made possible, primarily due to funds generated by our Mardi Gras Fundraiser.  Other projects included the improvement and upgrade of several of our HVAC units, at both The high school and St Bede campuses.


    Debt Reduction:  As mentioned above, we paid off our remaining debt of $198,000 in August last year, utilizing the proceeds from our 2015-16 Capital Assessment fees. The repayment of this debt clearly demonstrates the commitment we have to this initiative and the strong capital support of our families and MCPS donors.


    Finally, the 2015-16 school year saw the continuation of MCPS playing a key role in assisting several of our existing and new MCPS families in receiving awards from the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund (AOSF).  AOSF is a scholarship granting organization, operating under the guidelines of the Alabama Accountability Act. The annual awards range from $5,000 to $8,000 and we had a total of 62 students that received the awards in 2015-16. This program is allowing families to apply and if accepted, enroll at MCPS, a very positive alternative/choice they would not otherwise have.

    Kim Jackson, Business Manager