• Admission Philosophy

    While our primary purpose is to serve the Catholic community, we welcome students and families of other creeds.  Indeed, we strongly believe that we are enhanced by students from other faiths, whose lively participation within our community adds to our Christian mission.

    We are a K4-12 college preparatory school.  Still, our students reflect the diversity of the Church we serve.  We are proud of the success of our top students, who by the time they are upperclassmen, may take Advanced Placement (AP) classes, earn National Merit recognition, and attend some of the best colleges in the country on academic scholarship.  We are equally proud of students who may not possess as much innate talent, but who through the partnership between their parents and teachers, work hard, graduate, and become productive citizens. 

    Montgomery Catholic is a place where all students can succeed because of the partnership formed within the adult community toward the goal of the education of the whole child.

    Our Admission Policy

    New applicants must show evidence they are capable of succeeding in a college preparatory academic program, as evidenced by their previous grades, disciplinary record, and nationally standardized test scores.  In addition, the priorities for admission are as follows:

    • Currently enrolled students, their families, and families of graduates of Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School
    • Incoming students from other Catholic schools
    • Contributing Catholic families
    • Other Catholic families
    • Non-Catholic families

    In some cases, families may be asked to an interview with the school and/or be asked for a pastoral recommendation prior to acceptance.


    Admissions Procedures:

    If you would like to transfer your son or daughter for the next academic year, please send us the following:

    • Complete an application with a $50 application fee.
    • A set of your child's most recent nationally standardized test scores (grades 2-12 only)
    • Your child's transcript of grades from his or her previous school.. If a transcript is not immediately obtainable, a copy of the latest report card will suffice as a temporary substitute for tentative acceptance.
    • All of this should be sent directly to the campus to which you are applying: Holy Spirit Elementary Campus (K4-6), St. Bede Elementary Campus (K4-6), Middle School Campus (7-8), or High School Campus (9-12).

    Once tentatively accepted, you will need to:

    • Pay the $200 registration fee and submit additional forms to the school business office to reserve a spot in the class. 
    • Contact the previous school to send us an official transcript, school to school, at the end of the academic term.
    • For grades 7-12, arrange to take a placement test for English, Reading and Math. These are given formally 3 times/year, or by appointment if you have missed the published dates.
    • For grades 9-12, schedule a meeting with the campus guidance counselor to set up a curriculum for your child.
    • Obtain an official copy of your child's immunization form to be sent to us prior to school's opening.

    Acceptance is not final until the registration fee is paid, all forms submitted to the business office, and a final transcript is received, indicating successful completion of the year. The business office will contact you about tuition and other fees after acceptance. If you need any questions answered about enrollment procedures, you are welcome to contact our Director of Admissions, Julie Lopez: 334-318-3777,

    For information about tuition, fees and financial assistance, please visit our business office.